The lottery stats presented on this website consist of 9 reports.
PB01 thru PB09 for Powerball games.

Each report provides statistics for the last 10 draws of the game, except for the various frequency-based reports. The frequency reports are from the most recent draw on the report back one full year.

MM01 Basic Game Data
MM02 Game Hit Analysis – As Drawn
MM03 Game Hit Analysis – Numbers Sorted
MM04 Game Numbers Analysis
MM05 Number Frequency Analysis
MM06 Ranked Number Frequency Analysis
MM07 Number Game/Position Analysis
MM08 PowerBall Hit Analysis
MM09 PowerBall Frequency Analysis

uslotterystats, inc. does not endorse nor suggest that any of the information provided on the reports will improve anyone’s chance of winning any lottery game. The information is provided solely as historical data. Further, uslotterystats, inc. does not guarantee nor warrant the accuracy of the reports and any error that may be contained therein is strictly incidental and not intentional. uslotterystats, inc. does not provide the images and data for any suggested or particular use.