MM04 Game Numbers Analysis –
Displays the numbers in each draw and notes six characteristics of the numbers.
Prime Nos.: Number of prime nos. drawn
Common Last Digit: Occurance and No(s): Count of numbers with common last digit and the last digit (no.)
Numbers Sgl Dbl: Count of SinGaL and DouBLe digit nos. drawn.
Numers Odd Even: Count of Odd and Even numbers drawn.
Numbers Low High: Count of Low numbers 1 thru 35) and High numbers (36 thru 70)
Sum Median 190 Below Above: The total of the numbers drawn and whether the total is Below of Above the Sum Median 190.

For the MegaMillions game of 06/08/2018 the result for each characteristic are:
Prime Nos.: 0 (none)
Common Last Digit: Occurance2, Last Digit No. 4
Numbers: Sgl 0 (none), Dbl 5 (33 56 30 14 44)
Numbers: Odd 1 (33), Even 4 (56 30 14 44)
Numbers: Low 3 (33 30 14, High 2 (56 44)
Sum of Median 190: Below (177)